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How lucky are we to have survived the last DECADE?

Here is how lucky!  We have the best customer base of any small business in Northern Michigan.  We started something good in 2006 and people recognized it and supported our cause.  When you aim high, you are more likely to get good results than when you set your sights on some mediocre level of quality, sales, the whole bundle.  Great Lakes Tea & Spice began in ’06 with a goal of changing the palate of the average Midwestern/Great Lakes cook, chef or “hot beverage” connoisseur .  Our goal was to raise the bar on flavor and we did just so.  Putting effort in at every possible angle:  hosting “in-home” teas and tastings, building national and international wholesale clientele, opening tea houses in major health-provider locations, and most importantly, creating a brick and mortar space in the most beautiful place in America (Glen Arbor/Sleeping Bear Dunes) to invite lucky “experientialists” (yes, that’s a made up word) into our tea and spice domain to taste flavors that really motivate good grilling, cooking, and hot or iced tea drinking.  Remember our flowering teas??? Yeah, they’ve been around for over 500 years – not just a passing fancy.

Ten years later, we are proudly under the same ownership, boasting as many new, great flavors as we can, all in the same .15 acres of beautiful Glen Arbor, Michigan.

In conclusion, there maybe a little luck to go along with it, but there has also been a great deal of hard work and risk taking.  Not only from US, but from our customers who were willing to “try something new and different”.  Thank you for hanging in with us and we promise new and exciting things from the little Tea & Spice shop that could!

All our best,

Chris & Heather Sack

Great Lakes Tea & Spice Company, LLC


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