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Great Valentine’s Mar”TEA”nis



We have been longing to bring you this recipe for some superior Green Rooibos Sunsplash Mar"TEA"ni's now for years.  Finally we got around to producing a very nice, full strength infusion with both our Green Rooibos Sunsplash herbal/fruit blend and our up and coming Turkish Delight herbal blend.  Both blends have a fruit body, and are perfect in a dry martini.  It is up to you whether you want to add a little dash of Pomegranate cocktail syrup or not.  

Two preparation methods:

0.5 liter glass jar with tight fitting lid

0.5 liter pyrex container

Tea strainer

Bottle of Valentine Vodka

Tin of Green Rooibos Sunsplash or Turkish Delight (up and coming product)

Measure out 300 ml of vodka and pour into glass jar.  Add 4 tsp of Green Rooibos Sunsplash (or Turkish Delight).  Stir.  Cover and allow to infuse for 48 hours.  

Strain into pyrex and then again back into jar so no tea particulates are in the mix.

Dilute to taste and shake into mar"TEA"ni carafe.  Pour ICE COLD into martini glass.  Enjoy!  Also enjoy in mixed drinks.

Method #2

Steep tea with vodka in heat resistant pot over stove for 10 minutes at 160 degrees F.  Do not allow to exceed this temp or alcohol will evaporate.

Strain, allow to cool and enjoy as a mixer or mar"TEA"ni

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